What We Do

NIFCON sends representatives to a variety of international inter faith consultations, reports and papers from some of these can be found in Resources. It also enables regional meetings itself. In 2003 it met in Bangalore, South India to focus on the interface between dialogue and evangelism. In 2007 we met in Kaduna, Nigeria  -  another area where Christianity is not the dominant influence -  to focus on the interface between faith and citizenship.

For a number of years NIFCON has administered the dialogue between the Anglican Church and the Permanent Committee of al-Azhar al-Sharif for Dialogue with Monotheistic Religions on behalf of Lambeth Palace. This has lead to an exchange between those studying for Anglican ministry and students from al-Azhar.

We are building, both through this site and via our personnel, a bank of resources for inter faith practitioners both the academic and expert and those just starting out or working through social projects. We like to think that if we do not know the answer to your question we can put you in touch with someone who will.