Generous Love


Generous Love

The truth of the Gospel and the call to dialogue

an Anglican theology of inter faith relations

Foreword by Dr Rowan D. Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

ISBN 978-0-9558261-0-86 £2.00 a report from the Anglican Communion Network for Inter Faith Concerns published by the Anglican Consultative Council

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This short treatise is the culmination of work in which NIFCON has been engaged over the last four seeks to provide the discernment of a distinctively Anglican theology of inter faith relations which can be a part of the drawing together of the rich reflection which has gone on over the last forty years since Nostrae Aetate but with renewed impetus more recently. If we proclaim and serve a generous God can we be any less generous in our dealings with our neighbours of other faiths? How does our understanding of the Trinitarian nature of God, a core Christian belief, inform the content and method of our thinking about inter faith relations? How do we affirm the importance of dialogue without compromising our allegiance to the one Lord and Saviour? This document is offered for study and as a stimulus for discussion and further reflection.

In 2011 the NIFCON Management Group produced and authorised a 'study guide' for Generous Love. The study guide takes the form of an electronic i-book. It can be accessed here. On the right hand side of the page is the original text of Generous Love. By clicking on hyperlinks in the text a range of explanatory boxes, Bible studies, etc will open on the left hand side of the pages. At the bottom of each section there are questions for discussion and a prayer. Fuller instructions for use will be found within the i-book once you have opened it up. The NIFCON Management Group welcome suggestions for further material (particularly examples of good practice from different world contexts) to be added to the i-book. Please contact Revd Rana Khan at