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Interfaith Pilgrims


By: Eleanor Nesbitt

ISBN: 0 85245 347 7 pbk 124 pages Quaker Books


In this book, Eleanor Nesbitt of Warwick University takes us on an interfaith pilgrimage. She champions an openness to our neighbours' experiences of duty, devotion an divinity - demonstrating in the process an undiminished integrity as she journeys between faiths and writes of living out the engagement with separate traditions.

Written from the Quaker perspective the text forms the 2003 Swarthmore Lecture 'an annual lecture on some subject relating to the message and work of the Society of Friends' established in 1907 and named after the home of Margaret Fox, which was 'always open to the earnest seeker after Truth'. It was given at the Britain Yearly Meeting of the Society of Friends May 3, 2003.

Eleanor shows us why we need to be aware of the particular linguistic and cultural 'lens' through which we see the world, and to be willing, for example, to catch a sight of truth in the very unfamiliarity of our neighbours' worship.

Available from Friends House, Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ