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Hindus, Muslims and the World in the Letters of Max Warren and Roger Hooker

By Canon Dr Graham Kings

ISBN 90 239 1156 3 £24.99 Zoetermeer: Boekencentrem.


For those interested in Mission Theology, Religions, World Christianity, Anglicanism, and modern Church History.

In the later twentieth century the Church throughout the world faced major theological and political issues generated by the processes of decolonisation, black and Asian immigration into Britain, and a globalisation of religious identities. At the heart of the Anglican response was Max Warren, General Secretary of the Church |missionary Society and later Sub-Dean of Westminster Abbey. Here, with substantial introduction, are annotated selections from his letters (1965 - 1977) to his son-in-law, a missionary in India, and Roger Hooker's replies.

Canon Dr Graham Kings is Vicar of St Mary Islington. Previously he was the founding Director of the Henry Martyn Centre for the study of mission and world Christianity in the Cambridge Theological Federation and Affiliated Lecturer in the Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge, and Vice-Principal of St Andrew's Theological College, Kabare, Kenya.